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Introduction to Mobility Scooters

Departments | Mobility Scooters |  Introduction to Mobility Scooters

Introduction to Mobility Scooters

Scooters can be an ideal means of transport for people with walking difficulties; those who do not drive a car; or those who have, for a variety of reasons, decided to stop driving one. Powered by rechargeable electric batteries they are very economical and easy to use.

They come in two official classes - those that travel up to 4 mph (Class 2) and those that can do up to 8 mph (Class 3)

The 4 mph scooters are often called pavement scooters and include many models which can easily be taken apart for putting in the boot of a car. There are also automatically folding scooters: These are very compact for transporting but are often relatively heavy compared with the machines that take apart. All portables tend to be able to do less miles on a single battery charge than the larger 8mph scooters, and be able to carry less weight.

The 8 mph scooters are often called road scooters and will normally have lights, indicators etc. However they also have a 4mph speed governor button so that they can be used in pedestrian areas, footpaths etc. They should be registered with the DVLA as with a car, although unlike a car there is no road tax payable to do this. We will help customers with this process. There is no obligation to insure a scooter but the Department of Transport recommends that you do so, not only against theft, damage etc but also against possible injury to third parties and their property. For details on insurance offered by ourselves click here.

We thought it would be helpful to break the Class 3 scooters into two different categories: Medium range machines and Larger sized models. One thought: unless you absolutely need to have a machine that breaks down to go into a boot it is usually worth paying a bit more for a much more comfortable and safe-feeling medium sized scooter.

We stock several ranges of scooters. Our main suppliers are Kymco, who also make motorbikes; Drive Medical, with a very wide range; TGA, who have a range of distinctive and different machines; and other long-established producers including Roma Shoprider; Pride, and Electric Mobility Rascal. All these ranges come from long-established producers and distributors who offer good back-up and warranty support. We believe the range offers unrivalled reliability, versatility and value.

Because we believe that a product such as a scooter needs personal care and attention we do not normally offer these outside of Cambridgeshire and close environs. Buying a scooter from us gets you our full support.

To look at our range of Mobility Scooters click here
Insuring Your Scooter

Government has not made insuring your scooter compulsory but has said that it is "highly recommended".
To find out more click here.

Departments | Mobility Scooters |  Introduction to Mobility Scooters

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